A Golden Wedding Day lockdown Celebration

💛50 years ago on the 1st August, this lovely man promised to stick with me, ‘for better for worse’. And so he has! How thankful I am, dear Jeremy 💕 and how blessed I feel to be able to celebrate with you now, all those years together😊
Having to postpone our ‘big 50th party’ was sad, of course, but what a special day it turned out to be! Claire Elizabeth, Richard Tusting, and Ali Chapman, our 3 wonderful children, produced so many surprises – not least suddenly appearing, at intervals, in our garden! With 5 of our 7 beautiful grandchildren! And, there we were, prepared mostly for Zoom! Thank you so much all of you, for your planning, cake, video & gifts, but most of all for being with us to share our special day 🎶🌹 – Rosemary