Lockdown Activities – Christine

I had noticed that there were several holes in our communion cloth which were not part of the design, so took it home after it was last used to see if I could do a conservation job on it.  When lockdown struck, I had more spare time so decided to try.
There were several larger holes and a lot of little ones.  The best approach seemed to be to do the easy ones first, the creep up on the others and take them by surprise!!  I marked them all with pins – about 30 of them and progress as measured as the pincushion became full.
I started work in February,  but didn’t think to photograph it until I got my new tablet in April.  I finished the job at the end of May — about 100 hours work.

My other project has been the garden.  We have eaten some of the produce, and after the rain much more is growing well.  Christine