Lockdown Activities – Jean

This is something I have  been looking into during lockdown– my father’s family history. My maiden name is Rattray and I now belong to the Clan Rattray Society! Yes, Scottish ancestry and Craighall in Perthshire is the family seat– Lachlan Rattray is chief of the clan at present. I have included a photo of our tartan, family crest– the motto translates as “my wishes are above the stars”– Craighall and Sir John Rattray. Sir John was a surgeon, Jacobite and golfer who devised the rules of golf still displayed in golf clubs. He won the first golf competition in 1744– what a surprise! My father was very proud of his Scottish ancestry but I had never thought much about it– both he and my grandfather played golf! It has been fascinating so far and I now await news on the family tree as Dr. Charles Bird , a genealogist in America, has a huge database on the Rattray clan. There are clan gatherings ever so often where members from across the world get together– unfortunately this year’s in September has been cancelled but who knows, I might attend one in the future and meet a distant relative!  Jean