Mike celebrates during lockdown

Monday April 27 was truly enjoyable and memorable.
At 11.30 in the morning the door bell rang. Outside a street choir of neighbours sang Happy Birthday! I was quite overwhelmed as a Trinity quartet had just left after their rendition. On both occasions Jill and I chatted for half and hour catching up with local news. It was delightful as we had all seen so little of each other, and Jill and I had the opportunity (at a distance) to get to know neighbours we only knew as they passed. Thanks to the neighbour who knocked on doors and organised the event. And thanks for the call to follow Jesus for the best part of 80 years. Not forgetting the anonymous gift through the letterbox as a gift for our granddaughter Harriet helping to feed starving people in Hong Kong.
Blessings on you all. Mike Lamb ReVV (venerable and vulnerable).