A Golden Wedding Day lockdown Celebration

💛50 years ago on the 1st August, this lovely man promised to stick with me, ‘for better for worse’. And so he has! How thankful I am, dear Jeremy 💕 and how blessed I feel to be able to celebrate with you now, all those years together😊
Having to postpone our ‘big 50th party’ was sad, of course, but what a special day it turned out to be! Claire Elizabeth, Richard Tusting, and Ali Chapman, our 3 wonderful children, produced so many surprises – not least suddenly appearing, at intervals, in our garden! With 5 of our 7 beautiful grandchildren! And, there we were, prepared mostly for Zoom! Thank you so much all of you, for your planning, cake, video & gifts, but most of all for being with us to share our special day 🎶🌹 – Rosemary

Church Picnic – Heydon

If only–! Tony admiring an American car from the 1920s whilst on our church picnic at Heydon. A beautiful afternoon on the green, meeting up with friends, putting the world to right and enjoying lunch– what more could one want after lockdown! A drink from the cafe and a gentle stroll round the estate completed a pleasant get-together.

Lockdown Activities – Linda and John

We have been maintaining the garden at church and are very pleased with how it is looking.  We have also been looking at the implementation of measures within the church building so that we are compliant with the current covid legislation.  This means we will be ready to open the church for worship when we are given the green light. Linda and John

Lockdown Activities – Jayne

During lockdown my role of sending out weekly news letters has become more important.  Not only have I been sending out the usual church news, but I have also been making sure that all other things of interest to the church are passed on to all the members.  I have also helped with preparing the daily prayer and reflections for publication on the web site.

I have also managed to complete a 10 week photography course, and am really pleased with my achievement. I have caught up on my reading (10 books and counting). I have also been knitting baby cardigans, hats and blankets for the NICU at the N&N. Jayne

Lockdown Activities – Doreen and Spike (update)

Finished my Needle-craft , probably wouldn’t have done it if we weren’t ” locked in” .
Spike is being very industrious too, after he worked really hard to lay the artificial lawn, he is darning his socks,(a dyeing art) in our throw away society. Maybe we shall have to” Make do and mend” a bit more now! Doreen

Lockdown Activities – Rita D

I had just moved before lockdown so some of the jobs that need doing around the house have had to wait.  I have enjoyed the challenge of running my own home again.

I have done many of the things others have done during this time, walking along Marriotts Way, doing jigsaws, practising my music, using my tablet, watching TV and so on.  I have also started planting up pots of flowers for my new garden.

As you can see from my photos, I have been cooking and made a cake for Jo’s 50th and have been doing lots of knitting. Rita D

Lockdown Activities – Doreen

During lockdown I have had time to sit and sew.  Although there is still a little bit to finish, I am really pleased with the way it is looking, I just need Spike to make me a frame for it. Doreen

Lockdown Activities – Spike

I have spent this time finishing off the garden re-model that I started last year.  I have laid grass and maintained the flower beds and pots.  It has been a nice surprise seeing some of last years flowers re-grow. Spike

Lockdown Activities – Christine

I had noticed that there were several holes in our communion cloth which were not part of the design, so took it home after it was last used to see if I could do a conservation job on it.  When lockdown struck, I had more spare time so decided to try.
There were several larger holes and a lot of little ones.  The best approach seemed to be to do the easy ones first, the creep up on the others and take them by surprise!!  I marked them all with pins – about 30 of them and progress as measured as the pincushion became full.
I started work in February,  but didn’t think to photograph it until I got my new tablet in April.  I finished the job at the end of May — about 100 hours work.

My other project has been the garden.  We have eaten some of the produce, and after the rain much more is growing well.  Christine

Lockdown Activities – Jean

This is something I have  been looking into during lockdown– my father’s family history. My maiden name is Rattray and I now belong to the Clan Rattray Society! Yes, Scottish ancestry and Craighall in Perthshire is the family seat– Lachlan Rattray is chief of the clan at present. I have included a photo of our tartan, family crest– the motto translates as “my wishes are above the stars”– Craighall and Sir John Rattray. Sir John was a surgeon, Jacobite and golfer who devised the rules of golf still displayed in golf clubs. He won the first golf competition in 1744– what a surprise! My father was very proud of his Scottish ancestry but I had never thought much about it– both he and my grandfather played golf! It has been fascinating so far and I now await news on the family tree as Dr. Charles Bird , a genealogist in America, has a huge database on the Rattray clan. There are clan gatherings ever so often where members from across the world get together– unfortunately this year’s in September has been cancelled but who knows, I might attend one in the future and meet a distant relative!  Jean