Lockdown Activities – Doreen

During lockdown I have had time to sit and sew.  Although there is still a little bit to finish, I am really pleased with the way it is looking, I just need Spike to make me a frame for it. Doreen

Lockdown Activities – Spike

I have spent this time finishing off the garden re-model that I started last year.  I have laid grass and maintained the flower beds and pots.  It has been a nice surprise seeing some of last years flowers re-grow. Spike

Lockdown Activities – Christine

I had noticed that there were several holes in our communion cloth which were not part of the design, so took it home after it was last used to see if I could do a conservation job on it.  When lockdown struck, I had more spare time so decided to try.
There were several larger holes and a lot of little ones.  The best approach seemed to be to do the easy ones first, the creep up on the others and take them by surprise!!  I marked them all with pins – about 30 of them and progress as measured as the pincushion became full.
I started work in February,  but didn’t think to photograph it until I got my new tablet in April.  I finished the job at the end of May — about 100 hours work.

My other project has been the garden.  We have eaten some of the produce, and after the rain much more is growing well.  Christine

Lockdown Activities – Jean

This is something I have  been looking into during lockdown– my father’s family history. My maiden name is Rattray and I now belong to the Clan Rattray Society! Yes, Scottish ancestry and Craighall in Perthshire is the family seat– Lachlan Rattray is chief of the clan at present. I have included a photo of our tartan, family crest– the motto translates as “my wishes are above the stars”– Craighall and Sir John Rattray. Sir John was a surgeon, Jacobite and golfer who devised the rules of golf still displayed in golf clubs. He won the first golf competition in 1744– what a surprise! My father was very proud of his Scottish ancestry but I had never thought much about it– both he and my grandfather played golf! It has been fascinating so far and I now await news on the family tree as Dr. Charles Bird , a genealogist in America, has a huge database on the Rattray clan. There are clan gatherings ever so often where members from across the world get together– unfortunately this year’s in September has been cancelled but who knows, I might attend one in the future and meet a distant relative!  Jean

Lockdown Activities – Imogen

Well apart from working while others were furloughed, Imogen managed to update the website most days with daily sheets and other news from the circuit (others prepared the sheets, she just maintained the site).  When she did find some additional time, she sewed some scrubs for the Norfolk Scrubs Volunteers. Imogen

News from Spain

A couple of years ago we raised money for Sarah in Spain.  She works with underprivileged young people giving them life skills and helping to boost their confidence.  During lockdown they are doing their best to keep in contact as you can see face-timing to share their latest dishes.

VE Day Celebrations

Usually as a church we would have had a party, cakes, music and games to celebrate the day.  However, due to the lockdown, we were unable to do this.  But we all did our best to join in with the day at home by having socially distant gatherings and decorating our houses.

Toddler Group

We held our last meeting before the ‘shut down’ on March 16th and once it became obvious we would not be opening again in the near future we decided to offer our mums and carers an activity pack containing many of the crafts which would have been available over the coming weeks , including the Easter crafts. These were very well received and this week, once again, some of our mums and carers have collected or had delivered another pack, this contained all the summer crafts including sun glasses and sun visors to be decorated with a variety of stickers.

Due to the young age of the children who attend the sessions ‘social distancing’ would be extremely difficult, even if the schools re open before the summer plus we have the health of our volunteers to think of; so Trinity Toddlers may not be re opening until the autumn term.

We will of course let everyone know the date as soon as we can.

Mike celebrates during lockdown

Monday April 27 was truly enjoyable and memorable.
At 11.30 in the morning the door bell rang. Outside a street choir of neighbours sang Happy Birthday! I was quite overwhelmed as a Trinity quartet had just left after their rendition. On both occasions Jill and I chatted for half and hour catching up with local news. It was delightful as we had all seen so little of each other, and Jill and I had the opportunity (at a distance) to get to know neighbours we only knew as they passed. Thanks to the neighbour who knocked on doors and organised the event. And thanks for the call to follow Jesus for the best part of 80 years. Not forgetting the anonymous gift through the letterbox as a gift for our granddaughter Harriet helping to feed starving people in Hong Kong.
Blessings on you all. Mike Lamb ReVV (venerable and vulnerable).

2point6 challenge

On the 26th April, as part of 2point6 challenge, instead of the London Marathon, Jean did her own challenge of walking 26 laps round her bloc in Taverham. Little did she realise this was the equivalent of 11 1/2 miles! Friends from church and elsewhere , as well as neighbours, were asked to donate to a charity of their choice . Folk en route kindly gave her £35 which along with other monies she had already received, she donated £90 to Action for Children, a charity supported by church. Many other charities benefited , for which she is very grateful. She said “what are a couple of sore toes at this present time!”