Sponsored Walk

22nd July 2022

Five go on an adventure!

What fun, we said as we set off into the unknown— where would this exciting trail take us ?! What strange creatures would we meet? !  Oh, look, a badger sett— must tick that off in our ISpy book. We walked and walked, not a building in sight, would we be able to find our way back — should we leave a trail of crumbs to follow later? Then yippee! Civilization!  Food and shelter and friendly faces. We tucked into cake and ginger beer before setting off again on our adventure.
Jeremy kept our spirits up with tales of long ago and Peter helped us to spot iron mile markers with intricate carving. Fortunately no trains came along that day as we studied the flora and fauna— rosebay willow herb and buddleia were recognized and ticked off in our nature book. Jolly good fun and helped us to cover the miles as we returned, weary but happy to have raised money for our church charities. Where will our next adventure take us?!
Peter, Pam, Jacky, Jeremy and Jean— no Timmy the dog.